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Manfrotto 190XV w/ MVH500AH Fluid Head Video Tripod

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Suitable for both still and video enthusiasts, the fluid head delivers maximum stability and versatility in a lightweight package. The stunning fluid head can hold 9KG of weight making it perfect for DSLR and video setups and other high-powered devices. You can customise your movements with two different fluidity settings, while the ergonomic panhandle can be mounted to either side of the head. The quick release plate assures you can dismount your camera and fire away handheld if necessary and remount your camera for more carefully framed images, as quick as a flash.

The 3-section lens of the 190X tripod are made from aluminium, ensuring maximum sturdiness in a light package. The Quick Power Leg locks, which are present on every section, allow fast one-hand operation and are resistant to slipping. The leg angle of each leg can be set independently so you can explore various angle and experience steady shooting on any surface. Thanks to this tripod’s ground level adapter you can get down low and experiment with low-level perspectives like never before.


MVH500AH Head
Load Capacity: 5 kg
Tripod Mounting Thread: 3/8"
Camera Screw: 1/4" and 3/8
Material: Aluminum alloy
Counter Balance System: Yes, counterbalance range preset to 2.4 kg
Camera Plate: 500PLONG quick release plate
Tilt Drag: Yes, fluid cartridge with fixed drag
Tilt Range: -70° / +90°
Tilt Lock: Yes
Spring Loaded Counter Balance: Yes
Pan Lock: Yes
Pan Range: 360°
Pan Bar: 1 pan bar included
Leveling Bubble: Yes
Temperature Range: -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
Working Height: 9.5 cm
Weight: .9kg

190XV Legs
Weight: 2000 g
Collection/Series: 190
Material: Aluminium
Safety Payload Weight: 7 kg
Legs Tube Diameter:  26, 22.5, 19mm
Leg Sections: 3
Leg Angles: 25°,46°,66°,88°
Top Attachment: 3/8″ screw
Min Height: 9 cm
Maximum Height: 160 cm
Maximum Height (with Center Column Down): 135 cm
Closed Length: 59 cm
Upper Disc Diameter: 60 mm
Bubble Spirit Level (No.): 1
Center Column: rapid
Easy Link: Yes
Leg Type: Single
Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock
Maximum Working Temperature: 60
Minimum Working Temperature: -30


Units Available: 4
S/N: A6142619 / A6142516 / A6142515 / A6142566

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